Expand your Products & Services

Stopping advertisement to save money is like stopping your watch to save time”, Henry Ford

Imagine how costly would be attending a highly-reputed exhibition. Renting a space, paying for registration, travel costs, transportation and logistics, etc.; and then waiting for a decision-maker from a potential customer to visit your stand and build a network ending to a contract.   Yes, tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars! 

How challenging would be having access to decision-makers in your client organizations to meet with you, make them to listen to you, evaluate your product, add your company name to their approved vendor list, and consider you as a reliable vendor amongst a huge number of competitors?

We make it easier for you, faster, and less expensive:

Your clients and customers attend our professional training courses online. Orcintech can provide you a unique opportunity to present your products and services, within the online course, and directly to decision-makers and customers in any geographical location that you select.  

Our service does not stop here; don’t you have an advertisement file? We build it for you with a world-class quality and a professional design; animations, banners, etc.

Pay less, Get more with Orcintech!