Offshore Engineering

Conceptual studies, basic, detailed, and installation engineering

Orcintech provides edge-of-knowledge engineering analysis and innovative design solutions for range of offshore development projects. We work with all of the recognized design codes and standards:

  • Subsea pipelines and risers
  • Pipeline fabrication, launching, towing, and submergence 
  • Production risers, flexible, steel catenary, and steel lazy wave risers, etc.
  • Drilling risers, drill strings, wellhead conductors
  • Loadout, transportation, and offshore installation of jackets and topsides
  • Offshore lifting, handling, lowering, upending, and float over operations
  • Offshore installation and station keeping of SPMs and floating structures
  • Subsea installation of PLEMs, manifold, concrete culverts, spools, tie-ins, etc.
  • Offshore installation challenges in very shallow to very deep waters
  • Offshore construction challenges, subsea dredging, trenching, backfilling
  • Arctic and harsh offshore environments construction
  • Arctic subsea geohazards and its impact on subsea facilities
  • Marine construction, seawater intakes, jetties, artificial islands and shore approaches
  • Offshore foundations, and foundation drilling
  • Deep-water anchoring and mooring
  • Shoreline and marine infrastructures
  • Marine warranty inspection services
  • Safety, risk, and reliability assessment
  • 3D modeling, video animation, and drafting services

Advanced Numerical Simulations

Edge-of-knowledge numerical modeling

Orcintech performs advanced finite element analysis of offshore systems using state-of-the-art simulation software, requiring non-linear solutions incorporating:

  • Fluid-soil-structure interactions
  • Ice keel-seabed-seawater-structure interaction
  • Non-linear geometric and material properties
  • Rate-dependant monotonic, cyclic, and dynamic material response
  • Multi-component contact interaction and friction
  • Multi-body dynamic systems and vibrations
  • Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian, and sequential large deformation analysis
  • Thermal loading, creep, and fatigue loads
  • Multiphase flow induced system vibrations

Orcintech supports clients by offering the following services:

  • Simulation of Offshore & Onshore Structures and systems
  • Fracture simulation
  • Fatigue analysis, Life Extension & Structural Upgrades
  • Impact analysis
  • Structural analysis of sloshing Loads
  • Structure-seabed-seawater interaction analysis
  • Hydrodynamic loading of subsea systems
  • Modeling failure mechanisms
  • Design Drafting

Advanced Experimental Studies

Small, large, and full-scale model testing

Orcintech provides creative and innovative research services to engineering challenges in oceans, rivers, lakes and marine environments. Our headquarter is located in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. We have access to the world-class sophisticated testing facilities in our neighborhood at C-CORE, NRC, and Memorial University. The facilities include a range of hydraulic flumes, towing tanks, offshore basins, centrifuge facilities, cold rooms, Ice basin, wind tunnels, etc. We identify, adapt, and integrate advanced solutions to improve the safety, integrity, and performance of coastal, marine, and offshore systems through experimental approaches such as :

  • Small-scale geotechnical centrifuge model testing
  • Large, and full scale physical model testing in offshore basins
  • Field works, data collection, and data mining

Professional Training

Critical thinking & Problem solving

World-class training in advanced offshore engineering practice

Orcintech provides advanced online professional training in practical offshore engineering analysis and design challenges. Short courses and workshops are organised based on a core concept of critical thinking and problem solving. Develop your offshore engineering skills through world-class state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice with no need to physical attendance. Visit our academy for a broad range of opportunities.